Why I Started Maine Surf Info

This has been a real tough time for everyone and I know we are all going a little stir crazy especially since we cannot get out in the water.  For most of us, the ocean is one of the only places that we feel true peace and comfort.

I started Maine Surf Info to provide Maine surfers some information about surf conditions around Maine. Being a Physical Therapist and Strength and Conditioning Specialist I plan on including useful information on surf injury rehab, injury prevention, fitness, conditioning and some other cool stuff.

As an aging surfer it has become more apparent how time has taken its toll on my body.

Back in 2001 I self published a book called a Surfers Guide for Flexibility and Conditioning. It was just a basic program that surfers could perform to help with flexibility and strength.That was almost 20 years ago and to be honest my surf training at that time was very minimal.

Now as I approach 55 my injuries have added up over the years to include 2 herniated lumbar discs, a left shoulder reconstruction, right meniscus surgery and a few concussions.

So stay tuned for some information for you aging guys and gals to help keep you moving better, feeling better and hopefully surfing better!

Dr. Rick



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