Surf Fit 50

Rick McAvoy Aquatics Maine


Staying in surfing shape is much more difficult as we age. On average, we tend to lose about 30 % of our muscle strength between the ages 50 and 70.

Even worse, as we age we lose power almost twice as fast as we lose strength! Our muscles take much longer to respond to brain signals starting in our 50s, and we begin to lose the muscle fibers that are responsible for making us move swiftly such as in surfing. We climb on our boards with significant muscle imbalances and instabilities and then want our bodies to paddle efficiently,  pop up, turn powerfully and then repeat. Well, sometimes our bodies just can’t do what our brain is asking it to.

Improving your muscle balance, strength, power, patterning and endurance is essential to continue surfing well into your 50s and beyond. It will also reduce your risk for injury.

Surf Fit 50 is designed for the aging surfer to help keep them surfing both longer and stronger.

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