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Journey Surf Company MaineJourney Surf Company was formed because of a love of surfing and family.

As parents of a young adult with moderately involved autism, my wife and I knew that the future for adults with intellectual disabilities isn’t always the brightest.

Diagnosed with autism at 2 years old, Noahs Journey began very early. Numerous doctors, therapists, behaviorists, educators, medications, you name it, we did it and we are still advocating constantly.

One thing that kept me relatively sane during the really rough times was surfing. For the time out in the water was the only release from the reality on land. I think all of us surfers can relate.

As Noah ends his school career the vocational system for adults with intellectual disabilities is limited to say the least. There is an 85% unemployment rate among adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

So, we thought how can we empower Noah with that sense of purpose, value, accomplishment and responsibility that comes with having a job, while increasing awareness, inclusion and acceptance for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Journey Surf Company was formed.

Our goal is to give Noah the opportunity to reach his full potential while leading a full and enriched life. Hopefully in the future, Journey Surf Company can employ other adults with intellectual disabilities to help them with their journey as well.

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